Monday, July 8, 2013

My New Home

So many of my friends are wondering what my spot looks like. They were worried about the location and the side of town I was on and a multitude of other things. Here's the run down:
1. I live on the Northside of Chicago near the lake in the Uptown District.
2. I live in a loft building with about 22 other residents total.
3. I live on the top floor of the building so there isn't anyone above me!
4. I have indoor heated parking with a guaranteed parking space
5. Most importantly, this neighborhood makes me feel safe. So that is all I can ask.

I really like my place now and I look forward to visits from the ones I love the most. Below is the link to the video as I cannot load it onto this blog for some reason. More post coming about my first week in a new city!

Chitown Is A Callin:

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