Monday, July 8, 2013

Grits and Biscuits or Biscuits and Grits?!?!

To start off my first weekend in the Chi, I went to this party called Grits and Biscuits or Biacuits and Grits, whatever it is called.  It was an ode to down south music and fun. I was expecting to see some real wild and crazy activity because  everybody that I know from the south has a little bit of ratchetness inside of them including me. LOL

I found out about this party from a guy that my dad introduced me to from Morehouse.  Meeting new people in a new city has its challenges, but I am open to meeting as many people as possible. He and his friends were extremely cool to be around because they are young professionals like me and trying make ish pop for themselves. Anyway, we get to this party and it is turnt. I really enjoyed myself for two reasons. 1. There wasn't this obnoxious smell of weed all over the place and 2. I didn't feel like I needed to fight anybody as that is always the case when I go to a club. 

So overall my first night out in Chicago was trill and I am really starting to like this city. 

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