Monday, July 8, 2013

IT'S THE RIBTIPS..........

After the party Saturday night I decided that Sunday would be a day to chill. If any of you all have been to Chicago in the summer, then you know there is always something happening. Outside of my complex right on the block happened to be an annual RIBFEST. All people from the south that love meat (👍) love some ribs. You know I wasn't going to miss this. They closed down a portion on the Main Street and had all kinds of rib companies, musicians, acts and whatever else you could imagine. But the best part was that it was basically FREE to enter. They just asked for donations. 

Ribs, funnel cake, and a lemonade made for a perfect Sunday night dinner. I gotta gain some control before I blow TF up. The ribs were so good that I forgot to take a picture but at least I got the funnel cake. Y'all know I'm a foodie smh!!

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